AZO (Australian Zeus Operations) was formed on October 23rd, 2018 founded by Sir Danger. Since its conception, AZO principals of being a realistic, Fun, and User-Friendly community. since then AZO has gone on to grow at a slow but steady pace and has held multiple operations.

Danger Team

Danger Team founded by Sir Danger, its stupidity rivals that of any other organization, in 2019 its stupidity was challenged by another group within AZO known as Space Rangers but was formally

Danger Team

Original Danger Team (2018) Members Include: Sir Danger, Therapist, Stryanumbawan, JagMcMuffin, M1lsy, and East.

disbanded as it causes too many issues for members within the community.

Euro Campaign

Since its beginning, AZO has planned for a Large Scale multi-mission campaign set in the fictional world of WW3. Sir Danger, M1lsy, Otto and JagMcMuffin have all worked on the project since its inception and it has been a set milestone for AZO ever since.

Band of Brother Campaign (BOB)


[AZO] Operation: Queen & Close Air Support

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